Drink & Drive | TV & OOHM


Government advertising campaigns involving drinking and driving tend to be heavy, shocking and have coercive and punitive aspects. Through research, we found that such an approach did not fully achieve its intended objectives, created a distorted image of the institution and distanced the population from the Government.


Find a new way to alert the population to the dangers of mixing drink and driving and also seek to strengthen the educational image of the institution.


Based on moodboards built after extensive research and analysis of the profile of drivers involved in traffic accidents in recent years, 4 personas were created and from them the entire campaign was developed. With a light, fun and funny tone, the audience relates to the characters and can identify themselves or their friends/family. Thus, in a subtle and playful way we make them understand the importance of conscious and responsible driving.

In parallel to the 4 vt's, billboards, taxidoors, folders and cup holders, a hotsite specifically for the campaign was created. On the website, the user could replace the characters 'faces in the videos with his or her friends' when uploading a photo. The file could then be shared on social media or sent by email.


In 5 months, there were more than 2000 insertions of the campaign's videos on TV, 30k views of the hotsite page, 7k shares on social media. However, the most important data was the reduction of 12.9% in traffic accident rates in the period of the campaign.