Vanessa Rosario

Marketing | Communications | Project Management

Skilled professional with a 8-year experience in Digital Marketing, Social Media and Project Management and a strong focus on UK, US, and LATAM markets. Developed and implemented strategic and engaging communication plans for a variety of brands in tech, gaming (desktop, mobile, XR), fashion & beauty, food, health, sustainability, construction, education, culture, diversity & inclusion, and urban mobility.

Extensive experience planning and leading external, internal, and institutional communication campaigns, developing marketing plans, brand guidelines, social media strategies, PR & influencers campaigns, creating visual front-end planning for websites, and creative projects, implementing crisis and community management plans.

Strong ability to influence stakeholders, lead large projects and challenging situations.

Diligently delivered over 100 campaigns, 15 projects, winning five creative innovation prestigious awards as Marketing Manager.

Author of 4 children's books on topics such as mixed-race families, adoption, pregnancy, diversity & inclusion, empowerment and appreciation of African origins.


Below you can find campaigns and projects that I created, co-created or managed. Some of them you can click on the image to have more information about it, and view videos or other campaign materials produced. If you liked my work and fell that I can help your company, feel free to contact me at


Institutional Modules Project

The Maso Akulu princess

Where do babies come from?

So much care for my afro hair!

Realejo | Music Box

Vale Race

Drink-drive campaign APP | Toothpick game

Drink-drive campaign | Kinect Game

Drink-drive campaign QR code

Traffic Department Carnival Parade

Department of Transit - Kids Area | Branding Renewal

Social Inclusion State Fair

SM posts | Gif video

SM posts | Carousel

SM posts | NGO SM Strategy

State Government Facebook Campaign

Vale institutional trivia game

Drink-drive | TV & Out-of-home media

Mock test campaign - Instagram Stories

SM Post

Logo and Branding Design Strategy

Front-end website strategy

Front-end website design & content update

Pimpolho - Showroom design

Catalog | Concept and Shoot production

SM posts

SM Posts

SM posts

Rescue Mission | Live-action

SM post | Gif Video

Kids Activities Book

Promotional Material

Promotional Material

CRM Email Mkt Strategy

Ebook content & layout design

Content Creator | Beauty & Fashion

TV | Public Services

Photoshoot concept and production

Promotional Material – –