Traffic Department Carnival Parade


Detran (state traffic department) wants to alert the population to the dangers of mixing drink and driving, in addition to reinforcing other mandatory precautions, such as wearing a seat belt, respecting the pedestrian lane and not using a cell phone while driving.


Create and develop actions aimed at young people in a didactic and creative way, making the message of a safer traffic stand out in an environment of fun and relaxation. For this, a "Carnival Block" was created, a bold and innovative initiative. With the theme Together for life at Carnival, the Detran block will open the official parade of the state's samba schools and spread the client's message.


Create a 3-minute samba song with a catchy chorus, personalized costumes with the theme of traffic safety, interactive actions during the parade, distribution of flyers with the lyrics so that everyone can sing together and flashmob action in the stands.


An entire wing with hymns, allegories, pedestrian crossings and costumes linked to the theme went to the avenue and made the 20,000 spectators sing along and have fun. The action resulted in an estimated value of ≅ £900k, national television broadcast and a reach to more than 600.000 homes spreading the message of safer traffic.