I little bit about me...

From a young age, my family says that I would be able to sell anything ... I remember selling tangerines and coffee to highway workers near my grandfather's farm. I knew the smell of fresh coffee and a dessert right after lunch would sell like water in the desert. I used to drive my family crazy with all my new business ideas. I started my career in sales, and in order to reach my goals I always looked for ways to delight and persuade my customers, and it always worked. I think then I discovered my passion for marketing. Another strong feature of my personality is my planning and organizing skills, my husband says if you want to see me happy just give me a list or a spreadsheet. Such skills have proved to be very useful in campaign planning, project management, event organization and the design of creative solutions and ideas.

Nice to meet you, I am Vanessa :)

- A proactive and multitasking creative industry professional, with experience in a fast-paced environment

- Extensive experience in campaigns (internal and external) for large companies in the public and private sector

- Work experience in both clients and advertising agencies, bringing a 360 view of the entire communication process

- Extraordinary ability to read and deal with people (general public, stakeholders, communities, authorities, celebrities)

- Desire and dedication to always deliver the best and exceed expectations, until today all projects were delivered with over 80% in positive evaluation

- International and multicultural vision, with experience in the European, Latin American and American market

- Professional focused on results and customer satisfaction/retention

- Experience with CRM, Email marketing, research, and consumer behavior

- Experienced, dedicated professional, who has a lot to contribute, but who also learns fast and always seeks to deliver her best

- An employee who experiences and vibrates intensely with the work and dedicate herself extraordinarily to the projects in which she is involved


- An empathetic, fair, and honest person. With the heart of the size of the world and willing to do anything to build a better and fairer world

- Good energy and willingness to do the job

- An excellent baker. So cakes, macarons, and delicacies (when safe again) can be part of the bargain

- Not so funny jokes are also in the package, sorry ;)

- Beautiful photos of my 3-year-old daughter will also be shared with the team. Proud mom here, I can't help myself.